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Sophie and The Magical Kingdom

Sophie Star and the Kingdom of Mermaid

Sophie Star and the Kingdom of Phoenix

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Sophie and the magical kingdom

Embark on an Enchanting Journey with Sophie and her friends. Fantasy and adventure for children aged 7-10.

When ten-year-old Sophie and her fellow adventurers, Benjamin and Emma, find a map to a fantastical realm, they feel an indescribable thrill. Fraught with perils, their quest ushers them into a mystical world via a radiant portal, leading them to a grand crystal castle. What lies at the end of their path? And what happened to the kingdom? They also meet fluffy animals who tell them about a White Wizard in trouble. They even meet talking trees about a special magic water that is disappearing. With Sophie being brave and leading them, they start a great adventure to bring back the magic to this beautiful place. What hidden truths will they find on their way?

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